HMRC Contact Number: 0843 504 7177

This page features dedicated phone numbers for each department of the HMRC – it is recommended that you research and call the number of the most appropriate department for your enquiry in order to ensure the most speedy resolution possible over the phone.

However, if you would simply like to make a general enquiry and are unsure which specific department of the HMRC to contact, you can always call 0843 504 7177 to speak to a general operator who will then be able to direct your call to the most appropriate department after taking some initial information.

This page also features additional contact details such as postal addresses and web links for each key division of HMRC.

About HMRC

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is the governmental department responsible for all taxation in the United Kingdom. These taxes include Income Tax for the honest worker, Corporation Tax for businesses, Capital Gains Tax for investors and Inheritance Tax for heirs. Other businesses in specific trades will also be asked to pay taxes pertaining to their particular fields. VAT, or Value Added Tax, is also collected by the HMRC. They are also the ones responsible for collecting tax from UK-based producers of goods as well as those who wish to export their goods from abroad. Aside from taxes and duties, they are also the ones who process the UK’s National Insurance as well as Child Benefits.

Contact HMRC

HMRC’s helplines handle enquiries from all types of people and organisations in the UK. With such an important responsibility, they see to it that each customer is fully satisfied and that the money collected is safely deposited to the Exchequer ensuring that it is utilised in public services in the UK.

If at any point in the process starting with enquiry up to the utilisation of collected taxes that you feel the need to contact them with some questions or some complaints, you may do so using their contact page here: – on this page, there are 10 clickable links offering the following choices.

  1. Self Assessment
  2. Tax Credits
  3. Child Benefit
  4. Income Tax
  5. National Insurance
  6. Tax for Employers
  7. VAT
  8. The Construction Industry Scheme
  9. HMRC online services
  10. Any other taxes or HMRC services

Clicking on any one of these links will take you to an online form, a phone number and an office address that you can write to with regards to the specific concern you have. Each of the choices will point you to a different phone number and office address so make sure you are contacting the right office for your issue. Concerning their phone contact information, they even have a “best time to call” info for each office indicating the office’s “less busy” time of the day.

If you are having problems using the HMRC online systems then you can send an email to their Online Services Helpdesk here . You can also call them at 0300 200 3600, or text them at 0300 200 3603. Remember the Online Services Helpdesk doesn’t deal with queries about tax. If you have any technical issues with a VAT online service then contact them at

If you want to complain about any of the HMRC online services then visit this link Here you are given the choice between three forms: Agents, Individuals and Businesses online services complaints forms.

You can also write to:
HM Revenue and Customs – Digital Service Complaints,
2nd Floor Accounts Office,
Victoria Street,
BD98 8AA,
United Kingdom.

If your concerns and complaints are more general but are geared towards a specific department of the HMRC and the way they provided service to you, then you should contact them via the following phone numbers.

HMRC department Phone number Best time to call
Income Tax 0300 200 3300 Before 10am on weekdays
Tax credits 0345 300 3900 8:30-10:30am and 2pm-4pm from Tuesdays to Thursdays
Self Assessment 0300 200 3310 Unknown
National Insurance 0300 200 3500 After 1pm
Child Benefit 0300 200 3100 8am-11am from Wednesdays to Fridays
VAT 0300 200 3700 8am-11am on weekdays
Employers 0300 200 3200 2pm-4pm

You can also send Tax or Self Assessment complaints by post to this address:

PAYE and Self Assessment Complaints,
HM Revenue and Customs,
BX9 1AB,
United Kingdom.

If your complaint is about Employers or National Insurance then address your post to:

NIC and EO Complaints,
HM Revenue and Customs,
BX9 1AA,
United Kingdom.

If after contacting HMRC you are still not yet satisfied with the solutions presented or the way they are treating you then you can have the impartial Adjudicator investigate for you. Check out the Adjudicator’s website here for more information:

As a last resort, you can have the Ombudsman take a look at your complaints if after exhausting all the other channels you’re still not satisfied by the actions taken and solutions proposed. Contact the Ombudsman here:

If you don’t want to handle your tax concerns yourself and would want to appoint someone then visit this site:

If you have witnessed or are have information regarding a serious or even criminal misconduct committed by an HMRC staff, then please write to:

HM Revenue and Customs,
PO Box 64353,
United Kingdom.